Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hand pick the garments that I want?

Yes. At retro styling, we operate a 100% hand pick policy.

Is the stock you sell True Vintage?

Yes. We only stock true vintage clothing. We do not stock new vintage / retro style pieces.

Do you have a minimum spend policy?

No. When you shop with us, there is no commitment to buy and no minimum spend.

Do I have to visit to pick my items?

No. Whilst we recommend that you visit us to pick your first order, to get the best idea of what we have to offer, for subsequent orders, we will happily hand pick vintage clothing to your requirements.

Could you please let me know your prices by weight / kilo prices?

No, sorry. Why? Because we don’t sell anything by weight! All of the items in our warehouse are individually priced, based on maker / brand, condition and vintage.

Will I have to wash the clothing I buy from retro styling?

No. All of our pre-worn clothing is fully reconditioned and laundered or dry cleaned where appropriate, and is ready to sell. We don’t wash unworn items or garments with their original retail tags and packaging intact.