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Product Feature – 1960s Pendleton women’s jacket

1960s Pendleton women’s jacket

A Mid Century masterpiece. This 1960s Pendleton women’s jacket is straight out of Mad Men

Better known for their blankets and outdoor wear in checks and plaids, in the 1960s, Pendleton Woolen Mills made this beauty. One thing is for sure – it’s definitely no lumberjack shirt.

It certainly has class – we think it wouldn’t look out of place on style icon Jackie O. This example is a vintage U.S.A. size 14, a modern Medium, and measures 38″ at the chest. It’s simply stunning.

Vintage 1960s Pendleton women's jacket
Vintage 1960s Pendleton women’s jacket

What’s so good about it?

Really? What isn’t good about it? But, if you really want to know…

The Cloth: Pendleton have always been masters of the check. This fabric is no exception. However, there’s an extra something that takes this check to the next level. And who can argue with 100% virgin wool?

Vintage 1960s Pendleton women's jacket back view
Vintage 1960s Pendleton women’s jacket back view


The Cut: Semi-fitted in style, the jacket sits just above the hip. It would work just as well for the office or a night out. There’s a 5 button front, and a really well cut collar. It would be perfect worn Mod style with white Levi’s.

The Detailing: Again, that collar is to die for. Add to that the 45 degree contrast pocket flaps. And cute, cloth-covered buttons… What’s more, the spare is still intact. What joy.


The Label: Look closer. There’s a clue to the jacket’s vintage on the label. The symbol on the top right is the Woolmark logo. It was designed by Francesco Saroglia (also known as Franco Grignani), and introduced in 1964.


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Product Feature – 1970s Kett leather biker jacket

1970s Kett leather biker jacket

A guaranteed head-turner. This Kett leather biker jacket is a vision in blue…

Is it blue? Is it black? Most leather jackets, let alone bikers, are either brown or black. This example, made in the 1970s by Kett Leathers in England, is a beautiful shade of midnight blue. It’s an exceptional piece.

With its round neck, faux-padded shoulders and zip through front, it oozes cafe racer style. This example is a Medium size, with a roomy fit, and would stretch to a Large, slim fit at a push. Grab it before it speeds off.

What’s so good about it?

This Kett biker jacket has a lot going for it. Here are the features that make it great.

The Fade: The colours range across the jacket from the deep blue of the original finish to a vivid cobalt blue in areas with the most wear. This is not factory aging, it’s true vintage wear and patina.


The Shape: A great example of classic cafe racer styling. Lightweight enough to wear on a casual weekday night out, styled with a vintage rock tee.


The Detailing: Most of the zippers still have their great looking, original, ball-and-chain style zip pulls. The jacket comes with side cinches too.

The Label: This jacket’s label is definitely quirky. The designer has had fun (with some success) playing with type as image. Yes, it’s a motorcycle, sort of – but we wouldn’t want to try riding it!


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Product Feature – 1960s Gloverall Snowdon Duffle Coat

1960s Gloverall Snowdon corduroy duffle coat

Perfect for a cold snap. This harder-to-find 1960s Gloverall Snowdon duffel coat has protection against the elements inspired by its namesake…

Tartan lined, wool blend duffle coats are pretty common. However, other options are out there. Fans of vintage duffle coats hold a special place in their hearts for the superb Gloverall Snowdon. It was made in England, in the late 1960s to early 1970s.

The Snowdon is made from corduroy cloth and lined with faux sheepskin. This example is a Medium size, with a generous fit. Pair it with a roll-neck, cable knit, wool sweater and you’ll laugh at the winter.

What’s so good about it?

The Snowdon has the following features that we think mean it’s an essential, should you be lucky enough to chance upon one.

The Zip: Along with the standard toggle fastenings, the coat has a heavy duty zip to keep out even the most determined of winds.


The Cloth: A beautiful, camel-coloured, heavy weight corduroy fabric. In our opinion, a cut above the standard, wool blend duffel cloth.

The Lining: The Snowdon is lined in toasty warm faux-shearling, from the inside of its hood, all the way to the hem.

The Chain: All of the above features amount one heavy coat. The Snowdon has a reinforced, metal chain hanging loop. It’s a lovely piece of detailing, and a great guard against your treasured coat ending up on the deck.

The Label: The Snowdon label is something of a find all by itself, with the style name set in late 1960s type. Gloverall’s designers most likely hand drew this. Type fans, please feel free to educate us.


Buy It Now: You can buy this item now, if you’re quick, by following this link to its page in our shop.


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Vintage Clothing Wholesale – Hand Pick or By The Kilo?

Vintage Clothing Wholesale – Hand Pick or By The Kilo?

Vintage clothing wholesale hand pick or by the kilo? We have blogged on this subject before but times have changed and the subject has become ever more important. A lot has changed since we opened our doors in 1985. The vintage clothing market is maturing. The drive for higher quality and standards is relentless. eBay especially rewards sellers working to the highest levels and punishes mercilessly those who fall short of incredibly high standards. Additionally, even laid back ASOS customers are much more demanding these days. Brands are now more important than ever as keyword spamming is increasingly blocked. It’s the same at Vintage Fashion Fairs. Both Judy and Lou Lou have warned sellers of the need to offer true vintage and high quality stock at sensible prices.

All this means dealers have to keep a tight rein on their purchases. Gone are the days when dud second rate stock can be offloaded. Deadstock, however cheap the purchase price, is a real drain on any business. Are the kilo deals really offering such good value? Here at retro styling we operate on a pick / hand pick basis all day everyday. Not just when we have finished skimming or at one off events. Buyers are also free to purchase exactly what they want. With us there is no pressure selling, no need to purchase slow selling lines to get the good stuff, no minimum spend on site visits – see our FAQ page for more information.

Obviously our prices are higher but we give buyers access to fantastic quality stock and importantly for online sellers we have the brands you need for keyword based online selling. We have many buyers who have ditched by the kilo in favour of our more measured approach. Why not get in touch and see what we can do for you?


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Starting a Vintage Clothing Business – Wholesale Supplies

Starting a Vintage Clothing Business.

We have been contacted by Natalie Beard at asking us to link to her site which we are glad to do. Here at retro styling, we are a perfect starting point if you are looking at starting a vintage clothing business. We sell only grade 1 and by the piece. There is no need to buy bulk or bales. This way you can buy what you need when you need it. All our stock is fully reconditioned and laundered and we sell via cash and carry or mail-order – we even pick customers up from the station if you haven’t got your own transport. So fill out the submission form on the wholesale page and we’ll get back to you with a price list.